Tom Salyer Miami Sound Recordist

Terrific Tracks for Video and Film Production


I'm a Miami location sound recordist who will capture terrific tracks for your interview, branded content, documentary, reality show or news program. With more than 30 years telling compelling stories, I’m a complete team member with a keen eye for production and a sharp ear for sound.

And as a field recordist - working without a film crew - I capture stereo sound of our man made and natural worlds from the Florida Everglades to China.

I've recorded sound for

  • Corporations Adidas, Astra Zeneca, Bacardi, Carnegie Hall, Denny’s, Ford, Frito-Lay, Heineken, JP Morgan, Landshark, Philip Morris, Major League Baseball, Medtroinc, Mercedes Benz, MetLife, Microsoft, Neurocrine Biosciences, Nike, NFL, Novartis, Starbucks, Tropicana & Zacapa Rum.

  • Television News with PBS Newshour, VICE on HBO, Matter of Fact with Soledad OBrien & FOX Sports

  • Documentaries Three Identical Strangers, CNN Films: Take Your Pills, Netflix, Alison Klayman; American Jail, CNN Films, Roger Ross Williams: Holocaust Survivor’s Band, Tod Lending.

  • True Crime Television Dying To Belong, Fatal Attraction & Deadliest Decade

  • Webcasts live for The Cooking Channel & Bloomberg

  • Voice Overs with Boston Red Sox David Ortiz, Joe Namath & actor Andy Garcia

I'm currently operating with the Sound Devices SD 633 6 channel, ten-track mixer/recorder, Lectrosonics L Series wireless, Schoeps MiniCMIT & Sennheiser MKH8050 mics, Tram & Countryman lavalieres, and Denecke & Tentacle time code.