Tom Salyer Miami Sound Recordist

Terrific Tracks for Video and Film Production

STEREO: Large pig frogs search for mates in Everglades National Park. Recorded in ORTF stereo with Line-Audio CM3 pair & MixPre 3.

STEREO: Waves roll over large rocks and back to sea at Blowing Rocks Preserve. Recorded in XY stereo with Audio Technica BP4025.

STEREO: Street performers competitively exchange chants, Shangdong, China.  Recorded in XY stereo Audio Technica BP4025.

STEREO: Circle of friends play cards at the Temple Of Heaven, Beijing, China. August, 2017. In XY stereo & Sound Devices MixPre-3.

STEREO: Song bird's music rises out of narrow alley and over bustling village, Qinzhou, China. August 2017.  BP4025 XY stereo mic.

STEREO: American Heart Association, M2 Productions Jeff Maher Producer. MS stereo with Audio Technica BP4029.